Wonder Whims

"Wonder Whims...are they dolls or are they stuffed animals? Surprise, they're both! And together, they explore the wonders of the world in which they live."

Wonder Whims were produced by Marvin Glassin/Panosh Group 1985 and created by Doug & Debby Hennings. Each plush doll came with a plush animal they could ride, plus a kaleidoscope wand and a story book.

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There were 6 pairs of Wonder Whims. Each set comprised of a 15-17 inch plush doll, shimmering clothing, kaleidoscope wand, plush pet and story book. The dolls had velcro on their hands to clasp their wands and they all had plush furry bodies with soft plastic faces.

  • Feather & Butterly Boo [Butterfly-like creature]
  • Jadoo & Rambumptious [Ram-like creature]
  • Moonglow & PM [Owl-like creature]
  • Raindrop & Abracazebra [Zebra-like creature]
  • Seashell & Angelfish [Seal-like creature]
  • Sunprince & Swoop [Eagle-like creature]

Feather & Butterly Boo

"Feather & Butterly Boo fly high in the sky on their colourful, magical wings. Let them open your mind to the wonders above."

Jadoo & Rambumptious

"Jadoo & Rambumptious spread love and laughter throughout the land. They firmly believe that there's joy to be found everywhere animals roam. Do You?"

Moonglow & PM

"Moonglow & PM explore the glorious powers of the night...from shooting-stars to the rings of Saturn. Some share their mysterious discoveries."

Raindrop & Abracazebra

"Raindrop & Abracazebra nourish the flowers and trees with love. They'll be your friends on rainy days, and you can be theirs on sunny ones."

Seashell & Angelfish

"Seashell & Angelfish are truly fascinated by the delights of water...from the biggest pond to the teeniest puddle. But don't splash them!"

Sunprince & Swoop

"Sunprince & Swoop thrive on the warmth of the sun. They love daytime adventures and big happy smiles. Won't you let them brighten your heart?"


Each Wonder Whim came with a story book. I don't think these books were available separately.

[title unknown]
Feather & Butterly Boo
Animal Wonders
Jadoo & Rambumptious
"Wonders of the Night"
Moonglow & PM

"Gardens of Wonder"
Raindrop Abracazebra
"Wonders of the Sea"
Seashell & Angelfish
"Wonders of the Sun"
Sunprince & Swoop

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Wonder Whims