The Grabbits :: Poseable

"We're an EARFUL of Fun!"

The Grabbits were produced by Kenner in 1989. They were a series of plush and poseable rabbits with long bendable ears.

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"To move ears press my left arm down. My ears wiggle back and forth, bend and pose in any position."

Poseable Grabbits were sold in pairs of adult and baby (six sets in all). All six original plush adults were produced as well as the four plush babies with two new babies added. The adults came wearing one accessory.

  • Grace and Gabby c/w veil
  • Greer and Guy c/w tutu
  • Gregory and Gail c/w helmet
  • Greta & Grodon c/w boa
  • Gretchen and Gwen c/w skirt
  • Grover and Goldie c/w cap
Grace and Gabby Greer and Guy Gregory and Gail

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Greta & Grodon Gretchen and Gwen Grover and Goldie

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The Grabbits :: Poseable