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"Truly outrageous!"

Jem was produced by Hasbro from 1986 to 1987. The Jem line included rock star fashion dolls, playsets, accessories and a cartoon animation series. The toy line stopped production in 1988 but still has many fans to this day.

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There were lots of accessories produced to go along side the Jem range including fashion items, games, books and videos. These are just a few.

Fashion Items

Wrist Rocks [1987]

"Rock around the clock wit JEM's Wrist Rocks! Three-function, digital watches in three outrageous, "JEM-themed" styles! Press the button or key to reveal the time!"


There were at least three boardgames produced in 1986. Each one came with a cassette.

Concert Clash

Cassette includes:

Jem Theme
Takin' It All
Outta My Way
Winning Is Everything
Only The Beginning
Gettin' Down To Business

Fashion Flash

Cassette includes:

Jem Theme
Music Is Magic
I've Got My Eye On You
Like A Dream
Makin' Mischief

Rock 'n' Romance

Cassette includes:

Jem Theme
She's Got The Power
Twilight In Paris
Truly Outrageous
Too Close

Books & Comics

There were quite a few books published.

Activity & Colouring Books

Craft & Sticker Books

Story Books

Secret Star Dance Club Magic Surprise at Starlight
The Secret of
Rainbow Island
Night of a Thousand

The Video Caper Battle of the Bands Spoils of Success Jewels in the Dark Video Mischief



Culture Clash Glitter 'N Glod Jem Jam Last Resorts Jem Movie The Princess and
the Singer

Talent Search Too Hot in Hawaii Volume 1:
Pasport to Rock
Volume 2:
Fashion Fiasco
Volume 3:
Music Awards

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Jem :: Accessories