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"Welcome to the colourful world of Rainbow Brite!"

Rainbow Brite started life as an animated television series introduced by Hallmark in 1984. From there came plush dolls, poseable PVC figures and miniatures, playsets and an abundance of other accessories including books, videos, comics, stationary, bedding and much more. Rainbow Brite was re-issued in 2010 by Plamates Toys

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Re-Issues :: 2009 Playmates Toys

Rainbow Brite was re-issued in 2009 by Plamates Toys. They produced one 15 inch doll, and three 10 inch dolls and their ponies (all sold seperatley). Three small, plush Sprites were also produced and sold in Mexico.

They are dated 2009, and were created to celebrate Rainbow Brite's 25th Anniversary but didn't make it into the shops until the following year.

The 10 inch dolls were much more grown-up than the original dolls, plus there were two new characters created (Moonglow and her horse Shimmer).

Rainbow Brite 15 Inch Doll Sprites

Tickled Pink, Rainbow Brite & Moonglow 10 Inch Dolls Rainbow Brite & Starlite

Tickled Pink Rainbow Brite Moonglow

Sunriser, Starlite & Shimmer

Sunriser Starlite Shimmer

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Rainbow Brite :: Re-Issues