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"Welcome to the colourful world of Rainbow Brite!"

Rainbow Brite started life as an animated television series introduced by Hallmark in 1984. From there came plush dolls, poseable PVC figures and miniatures, playsets and an abundance of other accessories including books, videos, comics, stationary, bedding and much more. Rainbow Brite was re-issued in 2010 by Plamates Toys

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Poseable Figures

There were six poseable characters produced. They were released in the UK and possibly Europe, but were never released in USA.

Rainbow Brite Canary Yellow Patty O'Green Shy Violet Baby Brite Twink


These six miniaturew were produced by Schleich and sold in Germany, although some made it into other parts of Europe too.

Rainbow Brite Red Butler Canary Yellow Buddy Blue Twink Starlite

These seven miniatures were sold in USA. They each had their names printed on their backs.

Rainbow Brite Red Butler Glee Twink

Starlite Puppy Brite Lurky

"Collect the whole family of Rainbow Brite erasers! They're fun to collect and even more fun to use!"

In the UK and other parts of Europe very similar moulds to the USA run of miniatures was used to create 3d-erasers. Lurky was also produced as part of this set, but not featured on the back packaging.

Twink Rainbow Brite Romeo Canary Yellow Buddy Blue

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Rainbow Brite :: Miniatures & Poseables