Snuggle Baby

Snuggle Baby

"Huggable, snuggable and oh so loveable!"

Snuggle Baby were produced by Mattel in 1983 and were a line of four 13" baby dolls with blanket soft bodies.

Images on this page thanks to Prancetron and eBay seller Auntie Janes Attic!


"Baby's blanket soft and snuggly best friend! Now toddlers can give up their security blanket and hold on to Snuggle Baby. Her little body is made of blanket-soft fabric... making Snuggle Baby extra huggable! And just like a security blanket, toddlers will love to take her everywhere! Snuggle Baby doll’s wide-eyed little face is pixie perfect. Snuggle Baby - she’s a toddler's best friend!"

There were four dolls produced. Their bonnets were attached to their heads, which were the only plastic part to the doll. The whole doll was machine washable.

"Feel me! I'm blanket soft!"

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Snuggle Baby