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"Promise to hug at least once a day... With each hug you get, give two away!"

Hugga Bunch was produced by Hallmark and Kenner, and originally started as characters on greeting cards. Eventually they rose to be a big hit in the early to mid 1980's and soon Hugga Bunch came in the form of books, dolls, clothes, toys, lunchboxes, and even a movie!

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Plush Dolls

"The Hugga Bunch is a group with a very special mission in life: to hug and be hugged! They come from a magical place called Huggaland that's filled with fun and is overflowing with heart-warming hugs. This happy little group's creed is: "Promise to hug at least once a day... With each hug you get, give two away!""

There were eight plush Hugga Bunch characters. Each one came with a smaller plush baby called a Hugglet.

Huggins & Hug-A-Bye Patooty & Cushy

Hugsy & Tuggins Tickles & Gigglet

Precious Hugs & Fluffer Bubbles & Chumley

Impkins & Nuzzler Tweaker & Jitterbug

Plush Doll Accessories

There were a few accessories made for the Hugga Bunch plush dolls and their Hugglets.


Sun N Fun Suit - Set Sail Suit - Dream Sleeper Tutu Pretty - Swimmer Suit - Ritzy Rompers

Hugga Nook and Nooklet

Wooden Furniture

"Features specials turn 'n learn dial."

  • High chair has swing-out tray with built-in dial that lets children turn pictures of their favourite foods.
  • Bed had headboard with dial that turns to different times of day.
  • Cradle has dial in headboard which illustrates thoughts for children.

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