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"Promise to hug at least once a day... With each hug you get, give two away!"

Hugga Bunch was produced by Hallmark and Kenner, and originally started as characters on greeting cards. Eventually they rose to be a big hit in the early to mid 1980's and soon Hugga Bunch came in the form of books, dolls, clothes, toys, lunchboxes, and even a movie!

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Plastic Dolls

"Tilt their head and watch them hug!"

All eight pairs of plush dolls were produced in plastic too. They had somekind of mechanism inside them which made them appeare to hug their Hugglets when there head were tilted back.

The larger dolls were about 6 inches high. Each pair came with removable clothing and a comb.

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Bubbles & Chumley Huggins & Hug-A-Bye

Hugsy & Tuggins Impkins & Nuzzler

Patooty & Cushy Precious Hugs & Fluffer

Tickles & Gigglet Tweaker & Jitterbug

Merry Miniatures

There was one miniature made of each of the eight Hugga Bunch characters.

Bubbles Huggins Hugsy Impkins

Patooty Precious Hugs Tickles Tweaker

"Huggaborns" Tiny Hugs Miniatures [Unproduced, 1986]

"You can turn my head!"

I'm not sure these poseable miniatures were ever produced for sale. This figure and packaging was a prototype for Kenner pre-sale publicity and dated 1986.

Back packaging show there were to be four new characters produced (5-8 "available soon"), of which Pipsy is shown above.

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