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"Promise to hug at least once a day... With each hug you get, give two away!"

Hugga Bunch was produced by Hallmark and Kenner, and originally started as characters on greeting cards. Eventually they rose to be a big hit in the early to mid 1980's and soon Hugga Bunch came in the form of books, dolls, clothes, toys, lunchboxes, and even a movie!

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There was quite a range of sewing patterns produced, as well as various other household items.

Sewing Patterns

Each one of the Hugga Bunch came as a printed image on cotton sewing pattern.

Printed Cotton Sewing Patterns

Plush Sewing Patterns

There were also patterns for making plush

Cross Stitch Pattern Book

You could also buy a book full of cross-stich! Patterns included were:

  • Precious Hugs
  • I Hop For Hugs
  • I'm Fit To Be hugged
  • Tickles
  • I Go For Hugs
  • Bubbles
  • Hugs Give You A Lift
  • Patooty
  • Hughsy
  • The Whole Hugga Bunch
  • Impkins
  • Huggins
  • Hugworks
  • Tweaker
  • Precious Hugs (sitting)
  • Hug Me If You (Heart) Me
  • Fill Your Holidays With Hugs
  • Hugs Are The Nicest Gifts

Other Items

There were a selection of other items produced also.


Various Items

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Hugga Bunch :: Accessories