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"Welcome to the colourful world of Rainbow Brite!"

Rainbow Brite started life as an animated television series introduced by Hallmark in 1984. From there came plush dolls, poseable PVC figures and miniatures, playsets and an abundance of other accessories including books, videos, comics, stationary, bedding and much more. Rainbow Brite was re-issued in 2010 by Plamates Toys

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Plush Animals

There were three plush animals produced. Kitty and Puppy Brite were about 10 inches tall.

Kitty Brite

"Introducing the playful kitten of Rainbow Land! She's soft and lovable, with a vinyl face, plush body and colourful tail. Story included."

Puppy Brite

"This fun-loving pup is the watchdog of Rainbow Land. With his floppy ears and plush furry body he's bound to become every child's best friend. Story included."


Starlite was designed for the 9 inch dolls. A 12 inch version was produced by Mattel and a 9 inch version by Emotions.

Other Animals

Along with plush Starlite, a hard plastic version was made which was covered with a soft flock. A pink horse called Sunriser was also produced. They were produced for the Dress-Up Dolls and came with a saddle, reins and comb (no dolls). Both horses were made using a Barbie horse mould apparently.

Starlite & Sunriser

"Now it's easy for Rainbow Brite to ride her brave and beautiful horse, Starlite. To hold Rainbow Brite in place, Starlite has a special adherent fabric on his saddle and reins. So Rainbow Brite can even sit all by herself! Starlite has a combable yarn mane and tail and comes with his own comb."

"Tickled Pink's fun-loving horse has a bright combable yarn mane and tail. And just like Starlite, Sunriser has special adherent fabric on her saddle and reins. She also comes with her very own pink comb."

Although rare, Sunriser more than Starlite, they did reach the some shops before the line discontinued in 1986.


Murky Dismal was produced as a 7 inch doll and came with a sack with a bolt of lightning inside. Lurky was produced in two sizes (12 inch & 18 inch). Neither of these characters were big sellers!

Murky Dismal Lurky

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Rainbow Brite :: Animals & Foes