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"Far off in a land of magic and fun live the Keypers and the Finders. Keypers keep treasures locked safely inside, while Finders travel about seeking to find! Meet each of the Keypers and their new friends, they have special ways to keep your secret treasures safe."

Keypers were produced by Tonka from 1985 to 1992. They were large, hard plastic bodied adults and small softer plastic bodied babies. The adult Keypers had a key (with their name on) which locked and unlocked a door somewhere about their body, and the baby Keypers had a slit in their backs where you could store things. Along with the plastic toys there were large plush adult Keypers, books, games and other items.

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There were several other Keypers items produced including books, bags, duvet covers, cups and jewellery.

I have organised the items into various groups:

  • Keypsakes
  • Books
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Bags
  • Vanity Items
  • Bedroom Items
  • Kitchen Items
  • Stationary Items

Keypsakes / Keepsakes


Books are grouped by type.


There were three UK annuals produced.

1988 1989 1990

Story Books ~ MiniWorld

There were four MiniWord story books produced in 1986.

The Daylight Dig A Fairy Wedding
in Keepsafe
Time for Tea A Drop in the Ocean

The above four story books were sold as a group with an audio cassette inside a large plastic case and also seperatly just with the cassette.

Gift Set: Story Books with Cassette Tape

"Four fabulous adventure books. Four stories with music and sound effects on a long play cassette!"

Case Cover Books with Tape & Case Inside Case

The Daylight Dig
Book & Cassette

Story Books ~ World International

There were also four World International story books produced in 1986.

Polish Up for Sheldon The Glass Marble The Lost Ribbon

The Missing Note


A comic was produced in the UK starting in October 1987 priced 75p. I don't know how long it was printed for.

Comic No.1

Other Books

There were a few other books produced. These are what I have found so far.

A Friend For Keypers Their First Adventure

Games & Puzzles

There were several games produced.

Card Game Board Game Large Wooden Floor Puzzle


There were several different types of bags produced:

Sheldon Purse Fancy Purse Tango Backpack

Sheldon Bag & Purse Tango Coin Purse

This image is from the 1986 Tonka toy catalogue.

Vanity Items

There were a few vanity items produced.

Fancy & Sheldon
Bubble Bath Bottles

Bedroom Items

There were several bedroom items produced.

Clock Duvet Set Waste Paper Bin Lamp

Fancy Tango & Mishelle Tins

Kitchen Items

There were several kitchen items produced.

Egg Cup
Mug (front & back)
Pastry Set Flask

Place Mat Tray

Stationary Items

There were several stationary items produced.

Four Book Marks Gift Boxes Play Pad

Stickers Sticker Album

For Sale

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Keypers :: Accessories