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"Far off in a land of magic and fun live the Keypers and the Finders. Keypers keep treasures locked safely inside, while Finders travel about seeking to find! Meet each of the Keypers and their new friends, they have special ways to keep your secret treasures safe."

Keypers were produced by Tonka from 1985 to 1992. They were large, hard plastic bodied adults and small softer plastic bodied babies. The adult Keypers had a key (with their name on) which locked and unlocked a door somewhere about their body, and the baby Keypers had a slit in their backs where you could store things. Along with the plastic toys there were large plush adult Keypers, books, games and other items.

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Dogs [Series 2]

The dogs were a series two release, with just one colour version.

Frisky Bobble Tumble Finder

Frisky's accessories:

  • Hairbow & Hairclip
  • Pink Key, Brush & Keyring
  • Tumble Finder

Bobble's accessories:

  • Blue Brush
  • Yellow Bow
  • Pink Hairclip

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Keypers :: Dogs