My Little Angel :: Cherub & Pet Sets

"Magical Angels to Watch Over You!"

My Little Angel was a short lived series of angel and cherub dolls produced by ERTL in 1993. The dolls had detachable plastic glitter & liquid filled wings, as did their three animal friends.

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Cherub & Pet Sets

"Magical pet and cherub to watch over you!"

There were three winged pets which were sold in sets with a cherub each. The animals had glitter and liquid filled wings like the Angles, only they weren't detachable. The pets had a space in between their wings for a Cherub to stand.

Each set came with came with a various accessories for the cherub including a headband, hair-clip, colour-change nappie, bottle, comb, and charm.

Clover & Lily

"Who checks to see the babies are sleeping through the night? Clover, that's who. Clover is a soft and fluffy lamb, with special wings to fly quietly to each of the Angels' nurseries. When a baby can't sleep, Clover gently lulls the baby back to sleep. Lily is the Cherub whose special job it is to see that Clover is beautifully groomed, and her wings are clean and free of cloud fuzz."

Dallas & Kaitlin

"Who do the Angels call on when speed is needed! Dallas. Dallas is a winged horse that moves with the speed of light. She carries Cherubs to earth to fix things quick. When you look up at the sky, and you see a long wispy trail of smoke... that's Dallas. When the job is done, it's Kaitlin who brushes and grooms Dallas and gives her special food to keep her strong and swift."

Lea & Megan

"When it's late at night and everyone's asleep, the house begins to creak and the shadows come alive. Are they going to get you? Does anyone hear them but you? Lea and Megan do. Lea is a winged lion, who, with her Cherub Megan, fly across the night sky and keep the creepies away."

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