"Need-A-Littles are huggable, loveable fluffy animals just aching for attention. Can you fulfil their needs?"

Need-A-Littles were produced by Matchbox in 1985 and designed by Linda Novich. They were a series of 14" acrylic-fleece pets with a flap on their bottom (like a romper suit would have) which opened to reveal their bum cheeks! They each came with a dummy or rattle and a blanket attached to one paw.

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There were five Need-A-Littles produced.

  • Cuddly Kitten "needs a kiss"
  • Fluffy Bunny "needs a smile"
  • Furry Puppy "needs a laugh"
  • Fuzzy Bear "needs a hug"
  • Wooly Lamb "needs love"

Cuddly Kitten

Cuddly Kitten came with a pink dummy.

Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny came with a pink rattle.

Furry Puppy

Furry Puppy came with a yellow dummy.

Fuzzy Bear

Fuzzy Bear came with a blue rattle.

Wooly Lamb

Wooly Lamb came with a blue dummy.


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