Zoo Babies

Zoo Babies

"Zoo Baby animals bring love from the zoo to you!"

Zoo Babies were produced by Tonka in 1989. They were about 10" high plush animals and came with a bib, nappy and bottle.

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Meet the Zoo Baby Lion,
Cutest in the Zoo,
Zoo Baby Elephant
And Baby Zebra too.

Peek around the corner,
A Baby Hippo's in view,
Zoo Baby Polar Bear,
Baby Giraffe, too.

You can cuddle and rock them,
Tell a story or two.

There were six Zoo Babies produced. Each came with a bib, nappy and bottle.

Baby Polar Bear Baby Elephant Baby Giraffe

Baby Hippo Baby Lion Baby Zebra


The packaging back states there was also a Zoo Babies Carrier and Sleepytime Outfits (six of?) but I've never come across any of these.

"You can carry them around in their Zoo Babies Carrier and get them ready for bed with their Sleepytime Outfits."

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Zoo Babies