Pogo Bal :: Mini Bal

"Bounce! Turn! Twist! The newest skill and action craze of the 80's!"

Pogo Bal was produced by Hasbro from 1986-91 and again in 1995. Marketed as the pogo of the 80's, it became quite the craze for a short while. The basic design of a figure eight rubber ball with a plastic disc in the middle is still produced to this day by various companies under different names.

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Mini Bal

"Kids can bounce along with Mickey, Minnie or Pogo Bal Joe and the Pogo Dog on the new Pogo Bal Mini Bal, designed especially for preschoolers. Smaller than our regular Pogo Bal, it allows younger kids to get a jump on this craze of the decade. It's the perfect Pogo Bal for beginners!"

There were at least four Mini Bals produced with characters on them. As the name suggests, they were slightly smaller than the original toys.

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Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Pogo Bal Joe and the Pogo Dog

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Pogo Bal : Mini Bal