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"Popples can be turned inside out to make children laugh! These soft loveable creatures can be changed from fluffy balls to furry friends...and back again! They're soft, silly and they love to be popped in and out of their pouches!"

Popples were produced by Mattel from 1986-88 and were a large series of plush characters which could be pushed inside it's own pouch to create a furry ball. They became so popular that hoards of accessories were also produced. Popples, like several other toys from the 1980's, have been re-issued a few times. They were firstly re-released in 2001 by Toymax, then again in 2007 by Playmates Toys and yet again by Furyu in 2009.

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There were lots of story books produced, as well as annuals, comics and book/LP combinations. These are a few.

See, Hear, Read

These books came with either a tape or LP.

  • The Popples and the Paper Route
  • The Popples Nutcracker Christmas
  • The Magic Shoe
  • The Popples and the Piano That Wouldn't Play
  • The Popples Save the Circus
  • Pop Goes the Jack in the Box
  • The Popples and WPOP Radio


There were three annuals published, exclusive to the UK.

  • The Best of Popples Annual
  • Popples Annual 1987
  • Popples Annual 1988


The Popples comic was released both in the USA and UK.

Story Books

  • Popples and King Most
  • Popple In Your Pocket and Other Funny Poems
  • The Popples' Pajama Party
  • One more Popple
  • Popples Vacation
  • The Popples and the Puppy
  • Nine Little Popples
  • The Popples and the Candy Store Secret
  • The Popples and Summer Camp
  • The Popples Perfect Plan

Activity Books

  • Pop Up Down and All Around Colouring Book
  • The Popples' Christmas Fun Coloring Book
  • The Popples Puzzles to Colour

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Popples :: Books