Spectra :: Space Lace Fashions

"Spectra - lacy ... spacy ... and out of this world!"

Spectra was produced by Mattel in 1987. The 11 inch dolls were made in the Barbie mould and had metallic bodies with human coloured heads, colourful hair and made-up faces. There was also one set of fashion wear and a few playsets.

They were sold in the US, UK and France under varying names:

  • USA / UK: Spectra
  • France: Chromatics

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Space Lace Fashions

"Out-Of-This-World Fashions From The Planet Shimmeron! Fashions have never been more fun and exciting! Each fashion is lacy and shimmery with translucent fabrics that sparkle and shine with colour. Each style snaps, ties and slips on easily. Six styles feature the spectacular 'Quick Snap Space Top' bodice."

There were twelve outfits in the Space Lace Fashions series.

At-Home Wear Ball Gown Casual Pantsuit Dress-Up Outfit

Evening Gown Exercise Outfit Party Dress Shopping Outfit

Sleep Set Sunsuit Travel Wear Tuxedo

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Spectra :: Space Lace Fashions