Tea For Two

"There's a tea party and you're invited! The magic teabag holds a surprise! What will it be?"

Tea For Two dolls were produced by Tiger Toys in 1992. They were scented, food themed dolls and came with two each of teabags, cups and saucers for child and doll.

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Tea For Two

"The Magic Tea Bag holds a surprise! What will it be? Comes with doll, cup, saucer & spoon for you and a set for Taffy too! Also includes 2 tea bags."

Each scented doll wore a dress, hat and shoes and their dresses had a food based button sew to it. They also came with a child sized cup and saucer, doll sized cup and saucer and "magic" tea bag which apparently had a surprise inside (I'm assuming it wasn't tea leaves!). Each doll's tea set was different.

There were four dolls:

  • Pink Peppermint c/w peppermint candy button
  • Taffy Apple c/w apple button
  • Ginger Snap c/w gingerbread man button
  • Sweet Grape c/w grapes button
Pink Peppermint Taffy Apple Ginger Snap Sweet Grape


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Tea For Two