WuvLuvs :: Babies

"A wee surprise inside!"

WuvLuvs were produced by Trendmasters in 1999. They were 11 inch high, furry interactive creatures which "gave birth" to an egg from a pouch inside their bellies.
They were sold in US, UK, France, Japan and Greece (that I know of). In Greece they were produced by Trendmasters/Hasbro, in Japan by Trendmasters/Takara, and in France by Trendmasters/Tomy.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe and I currently know of three name variations:

  • USA: WuvLuvs
  • UK: Wuvvies
  • France: Lovies

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Babies :: Sold Seperatly

"A wuvable baby surprise!"

There were eight different Baby WuvLuvs produced for sale separately from the adults. Each one came with an egg, two flowers and a little name tag. The eggs were the same as the babies which came with mummy's.

[no image]
Bashful Boo Boo Dippy DoDo Dreamer

Fwaidy Luv Wuv

Nip Nap Pranky

[no image]
Sweetie Japanese Variation ?

Babies :: Sold With Adults

There were several different colour variations of the babies sold with adults, using three different smiles and either one, two or three antennae. All had plastic eyes, unlike the separately sold babies which were embroidered. The eggs came in different colours, but the pattern on the top was the same on each.

Face Style 1

Face Style 2

Face Style 3


Canadian Packaging US Packaging

For Sale

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WuvLuvs :: Babies