Yum Yums :: Special

"So yummy to love!"

Yum Yums were a short lived series produced by Kenner/Hallmark in 1989-91. They were large, colourful plush animals with sweet treats pictured on their bellies, ears and feet. There was also a one-off special cartoon made.
Yum Yums were reissued by a Japanese company around 2011 (licensed by Hallmark) and produced a multitude of accessories. They also introduced several new characters.

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"I'm cookie scented!"

There was one special plush Yum Yum produced called Christmas Cookie Bear which had a glittery nose and a around its necks with "Yum Yums" written on it. It measured about 13 inches high, the same as all the others, and cookie scented.

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Yum Yums :: Special