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"The dolls that really move!"

Bouncin' Babies, Kids, Ponies, Princesses and Big Sisters were produced by Galoob in 1988-90. Each doll or pony could move in various ways, powered by a battery. Babies and Kids had plenty of playsets, accessories and outfits sold separately as well as the various items they came with. The ponies also had separate carriages but the line ran out of steam before the Princess or big Sister sub-lines took off any further.

They were mainly sold in US, but also in UK and parts of Europe. The French version, called Bebes Boom, was produced by Galoob/Pipo, the Italian version by Galoob/Gig, and the UK version by Rainbow Toys/Galoob. They were also sold in Germany. I've found very few packaging images of the non US version. Other than the language difference, the packaging designs were the same as the US versions.

Images on this page thanks to Etsy seller SaturdayMorningM and various eBay sellers, including den268, gotothetoyboxandbeyond, druids-faire and shopmisseloise!

Bouncin' Princess


"Welcome to the enchanted Kingdom of Lights! Bouncin' Princess dolls are the magical princesses that live there. They all wear very special tiaras that really light up when you brush their hair with their magical brush - beautiful!" Each Bouncin' Princess has a tiara that lights up in a different jewel colour to match the colour of her royal gown. It's like a magical rainbow of beauty!"

There were six Bouncin' Princess dolls produced, although I'm not sure how the "bouncin" part comes into it! They each came with a "magical brush" which would light up the tiara when the brush pressed a "button" on the dolls head just behind the tiara during brushing. They were about 8 inches tall and took a 9v battery.

Princess Amethyst was only produced as a black doll, but at least two of the other dolls were produced in both black and white versions (Ruby and Sapphire).

Bouncin' Princess

Princess Amethyst

Bouncin' PrincessBouncin' Princess

Princess Jade

Princess Pearl

Princess Ruby

Bouncin' PrincessBouncin' Princess

Princess Sapphire

Princess Topaz

Bouncin' PrincessBouncin' Princess



Bouncin' Princess

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