My Beautiful Doll

"A Special Friend With A Locket To Share."

My Beautiful Doll was produced by Hasbro in 1989 and were 17-1/2 inch high, poseable dolls with lockets. There was also fashion wear.

All images on this page found on eBay, with thanks to various sellers!


I know of eight different dolls. Each one was fully dressed (shoes, socks, underware, dress and hair accessory) and came with a hairpick style comb and a locket large enough for a child to wear.

Brenda Lindy Maribeth Marissa

Rachel Rosemary Tyler Valerie


The comb come in at least four colours and looks like it's shaped like a girl on the top. The locket was glittery on one side and had a picture of the doll it came with on the other.


I know of four different fashion sets. Each included a dress and pair of shoes with either underware and socks, or just tights.

Fancy In Flowers Pretty In Pin Stripes

Simply Sunny Simply Blue