"Clip me on for fashion fun!"

Fluffy Surprise were produced by Vivid Imaginations in 1998. They were a short lived series of animals with feather boa type trims. Each adult character came holding a hoop (through a hole in one of their paws, with a split in the middle to remove it) which could be looped onto things. There were also various babies.

Fluffy Surprise were sold in the UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:

  • UK & parts of Europe: Fluffy Surprise
  • Italy: Fru Fru Lungacoda (Fluffy Long Tail)

Images on this page thanks to sauerkirschmarmelade, vanillascoop, miss_tuneful, Louise P and eBay seller funky_fifi!

Fashion Sets

There were three different fashion sets. Each set came with one adult and three small babies, which doubled as hair, jewellery or stationary items. Along with the colours on the back packaging, I have also found colour variations of the babies. The adults were made using moulds from the original line but I have also found a few colour variations outside of this too (see Original page for comparisons of them all).

Hair Fashions

Hair Fashions came with a yellow cat and three kittens. The kittens doubled as a hair clip, hair tie and comb. The cat is made from the same mould as the pink original cat.

I've also found a pink kitten.

[no image]
Yellow Cat Yellow Kitten - Hairclip Pink Kitten

Jewellery Fashions

Jewellery Fashions came with a white dog and three puppies. The puppies doubled as a brooch, ring and necklace.

White Dog & Puppies White Dog

White Puppy - Necklace White Puppy - ?

I've also found a yellow puppy, and two translucent purple puppies.

Translucent Purple Puppy - Brooch Translucent Purple Puppy - Necklace Yellow Puppy - Ring

Scribble Fashions

Scribble Fashions came with a pink bear and three cubs. The kittens doubled as a pencil topper, pencils hugger and eraser. The bear was made using the same mould as the original yellow bear.

Pink Bear - Scribble Fashions Pink Cubs

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