Magic Nursery Pets :: Colour Change

"Is it a bear, bunny, kitty or puppy?"

Magic Nursery Pets were part of a larger series of toys (mainly doll and their accessories) and were produced by Mattel in the late 1980's to early 1990's.  They were 10 inches high plush animals with vinyl faces and belly buttons. They had a star in each eye and a heart on their nose with a star in it. When first bought, their identity was secret. Their ears were tucked into their head and pulled out like magic to reveal their true identity.

Images on this page thanks to Nile Perch, Lori Skywalker, Beckie and various eBay sellers!

Colour Change

"Magical Colour Change Tummy & Paws"

This series had plush bodies and tails with patterned paws and tummies (star or hearts). Their ears were soft inside and had tufts of fur on the tips and their tummy and paws changed colour when "brushed" with the special brush they came wih. The brush was a simple screw-top container that was filled with hot water so when you brushed them the heat would cause the patterns to change.

They were dressed in a paw patterned t-shirt & nappy and came with a sticker (see top images) and baby bracelet (see left images, around arm). They also came with water disolvable mittens.

These ones are dated 1991.

I have found three colours in this series.

Blue Pets

[no image]
Bear Bunny Kitty Puppy

Fuchsia Pets

[no image]
Bear Bunny Kitty Puppy

Purple Pets

[no image]
Bear Bunny Kitty Puppy

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