Bitsy Bears :: Bear & Babies Sets

"Soft fuzzy friends come alive before your eyes!"

Bitsy Bears were produced by Tyco in 1991-92. They were a series of 4" flocked poseable bears and each one had its own wind-up action. There was also an animated video.

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Bear & Babies Sets

There were four Bear & Baby Sets produced.

  • Lullabye Bear and Wriggles - "Wind up Lullabye Bear and she _!" - c/w Yellow Cradle, Platform & Pink comb
  • Pawleena and Tickles - "Wind up Pawleena and she pushes her stroller!" - c/w Blue Stroller & Pink Comb
  • Scoot-A-Bear with Toodles - "Wind up Scoot-A-Bear and she rides her scooter!" - c/w Blue Scooter & Pink Comb
  • Whoopsee Bear and Giggles - "Wind up Whoopsee Bear & she pushes her swing!" - c/w Pink and Violet Swing Set & Pink comb

Lullabye Bear and Wriggles

Lullabye Bear Wriggles Cradle

Pawleena and Tickle

Pawleena Bear Stroller Tickles

Scoot-A-Bear with Toodles

Scoot-A-Bear Toodles


Whoopsee Bear and Giggles

Whoopsee Bear Giggles Purple Swing Pink Swing

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Bitsy Bears :: Bear & Baby Sets