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Angelorso / Angelosos, which translates as Angel Bears, were produced by Vir and sold in Spain and Italy from 1985. They were a series of poseable, mini and plush bears very similar to Care Bears, plus a few accessories.

Later, there was a set of four poseable bears produced by Fun City in 1991 made using Kenner's Care Bears mould (sold in Argentina). There were two different logos depending on the spelling and some packaging had both Vir and City Toys marked on it.

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Poseable :: Vir

"Very, very far from here, up in the heaven, there is a great place, a world of love, sweet dreams and clouds of cotton, Land Of The Stars, the source of the rainbow and the colours are created. Here in this happy place live funny and friendly beings ..."
(or something along those lines!)

There were four bears produced made a mould similar to the Care Bears in body but quite different in the head. They had an "A" symbol on their bellies with wings on, surrounded by four stars. They had wings but I can't tell if they are molded on or stuck on like the Fun City bears below. Each one came with an accessory they could hold. The bears didn't have names.

Blue Bear

The blue bear came with a candle and holder, which seems to have come in two colours but could have just discoloured.

Orange Bear

The orange bear came with an ice cream.

Pink Bear

The pink bear looks like it came with either a tennis racket or a pillow.

Yellow Bear

The yellow bear came with a musical horn.

Poseable :: Fun City

"We are Angel Bears, tender angels who live in a land of love, sweet dreams and cotton clouds, called Starryland, where the rainbow begins and colours are born.  The inhabitants of this country all have winged “A” on our tummy. We are white and have a cute pair of wings that help us to slide to earth on the rainbow toboggan from which we get our colour. We travel to earth to be adopted by a child like you and sprinkle all his days with our colour and joy."

Fun City produced four bears under the name Angeloso using Kenner's Care Bears poseable mould (acquired after Kenner ceased trading in 1991). There were five different head moulds used (the same body was used for all the bears) and the eyes seem to differ from bear to bear too making for many variations.

They had little foam wings stuck on their backs (which fell off and were lost easily). They had the same symbol on their bellies as Vir's bears, but was printed only in red and had each bears' name underneath it.

Back Packaging

Bromista “Prankster” Bear

Birthday Bear Mould Grumpy Bear Mould

Tenderheart Bear Mould

Deportistas “Sporty” Bear

Birthday Bear Mould

Tenderheart Bear Mould

Goodluck Bear Mould Bedtime Bear Mould

Dormilon “Sleepyhead” Bear

Bedtime Bear Mould Tenderheart Bear Mould

Goloso “Sweet-Tooth” Bear

Tenderheart Bear Mould Birthday Bear Mould

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