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Angelorso / Angelosos, which translates as Angel Bears, were produced by Vir and sold in Spain and Italy from 1985. They were a series of poseable, mini and plush bears very similar to Care Bears, plus a few accessories.

Later, there was a set of four poseable bears produced by Fun City in 1991 made using Kenner's Care Bears mould (sold in Argentina). There were two different logos depending on the spelling and some packaging had both Vir and City Toys marked on it.

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Plush Bears :: Vir

The plush bears were produced in several sizes. There were four bears at first (blue, pink, yellow and orange), then a green bear and red bears were added, followed by a set of animal cousins. They all had little fabric wings (a bit like Wuzzles) and rainbow stripped tails. The large and medium sized bears had four stars around their "A", but I've also found some with just one, and the mini bears have two stars.

The plush bears were sold under the both Angeloso and Angelorso with different logos, but both were produced by Vir.

Large Bears

The large bears measure around 38-40cm high.

Medium Bears

The medium bears measured around 30-32cm high. I suspect there was also a yellow bear but I've not found any images.

Bears with 1 Star

These bears measure about 30cm but they differ from the ones above as they only have one star on their bellies (rather than 4). I suspect there was also a yellow bear but I've not found any images.

Baby Bears

These bears had "Baby" written underneath their symbols and measures about 30cm. They also had little wings and pink bottoms. I suspect there was also yellow, blue and orange bears but I've not found any images to confirm this.

Mini Bears

This bear looks mini in size. There was also a yellow cat produced at this size (see below).

Other Bears

I've also found these bears too, which look larger than 40cm and have odd eyes.

Plush Animal Friends :: Los Superamigos de Angeloso

The animals were marketed as best friends to the Angel Bears. There were six plush animals produced and measured around 40cm. The toys in the red packaging came with a musical cassette tape and they all came with an accessory of some sort but I don't know what for most. The cat came with a hobo stick, the yellow dog came with a magnifying glass and the rabbit came with a shoulder bad.

The red packaging has both Vir and City Toys marked on it (and various languages on the back), whereas the blue packaging only has Vir and is most likely only in Spanish on the back.

This plush cat looks mini in size.

Other Plush Animal Friends :: Epoca de Angeloso

There were at least three other plush animals sold as friends of the Angel Bears, their name translating to something like "Time of the Angel Bears". They all had rainbow stripped fronts but no "A" symbols, and they were about 20cm high.

There was an elephant, a bunny and a puppy.

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Angeloso / Angelorso :: Plush