Cub Surprise

"Guess how many! It's a surprise! How many girls! How many boys!"

Puppy Surprise etc. were produced by Hasbro in 1991-1993. Each set comprised of a plush mother animal measuring about 12 inches long and a number of soft babies which were about 4 inches long. They had plastic faces and came in a variety of colours. The number of babies included varied and each one was different. The mothers came with a name tag around their necks, which also came in a variety of colours. Later on, the babies were sold on their own in many guises.

Images on this page thanks to Nile Perch, Lara & Jana or found on eBay, with thanks to various sellers including 2andchance!

Baby Cub Surprise

"Mommy's bears having baby bear cubs!"

These are a few images of different Baby Cub Surprise.

Adult Cubs

Baby Cubs 

For Sale

Cub Surprise