Bunny Surprise

"Guess how many! It's a surprise! How many girls! How many boys!"

Puppy Surprise etc. were produced by Hasbro in 1991-1993. Each set comprised of a plush mother animal measuring about 12 inches long and a number of soft babies which were about 4 inches long. They had plastic faces and came in a variety of colours. The number of babies included varied and each one was different. The mothers came with a name tag around their necks, which also came in a variety of colours. Later on, the babies were sold on their own in many guises.

Images on this page thanks to Nile Perch, Jana and timpersock!

Bunny Surprise

"Mommy's having baby bunnies... will it be twins or triptes? Your bunnies are sleeing- only you can wake them up! Just use ice cold water to wipe their sleep away! A little warm water makes them sleep again..."

These are a few images of different Bunny Surprise.

Adult Bunnies

Baby Bunnies

For Sale

Bunny Surprise