Angel Bunny :: Plush

Angel Bunny was produced by Mattel in 1984-85, and was a small series of plush animals and toys for babies and toddlers.

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There were at least three large plush animals produced, maybe four (a bear). Each had a little "halo" ring around one ear and satin wings on their backs. They measured around 10 inches high and had velcro paw so they could stay closed or be left open. Each had its own name.

Angel Bunny

Snuggle Bunny

"Every baby will want to cuddle and love this soft, furry bunny."

Angel BunnyAngel BunnyAngel Bunny

Cuddle King

"This friendly lion is also soft, huggable and lovable."

Angel BunnyAngel Bunny

Soft Spot

"Just like Snuggle Bunny, this playful puppy is soft and cuddly."

Angel BunnyAngel BunnyAngel Bunny

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Angel Bunny :: Plush