Bitsy Bears :: Original Sets

"Soft fuzzy friends come alive before your eyes!"

Bitsy Bears were produced by Tyco in 1991-92. They were a series of 4" flocked poseable bears and each one had its own wind-up action. There was also an animated video.

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Original Sets

"Welcome to the land of the Bitsy Bears! In the tiny land where the Bitsy Bears play, there's magic happening every day! It's an enchanted place whose very air sparkles with energy of the Bitsy Bears' good will and kindness!"

There were twelve original Bitsy Bears produced, and each one came with a comb and small accessory. Back packaging had a story for each bear.


"Wind me up and I really dance!" - c/w Flower & Pink Comb

Beary Beautiful

"Wind me up I really brush my hair!" - c/w Mirror and Brush & Pink Comb

Blossom Bear

"Wind me up and I really sniff my flowers!" - c/w Watering can and Flower & Pink Comb

Bumpety Bear

"Wind me up and I really ride my pony!" - c/w White Hobby Horse & Pink Comb

Cubzie Bear

"Wind me up and I really crawl!" - c/w Bottle & Pink Comb

Doodles Bear

"Wind me up and I really write!" - c/w Notebook & Pink Comb

Flutterbye Bear

"Wind me up and I really try to catch butterflies!"

Flutterbye Bear came with a butterfly net, butterfly and a pink comb.

Flutterbye Bear is a day dreamer who spends sunny afternoons frolicking in a sweet bed of clover chasing butterflies and rainbows. If she could only reach that high! She is forever asking her best friend Bumperty Bear, "Did you see a butterfly flutter by?"

Hide 'n Peek Bear

"Wind me up and I really peek-a-boo!" - c/w Fan & Pink Comb

Pom Pom Bear

"Wind me up and I really cheer!" - c/w Pom Poms, Megaphone & Pink Comb

Rita Bear

"Wind me up and I really read!" - c/w Glasses & Pink Comb

Roller Bear

"Wind me up and I really roller skate!" - c/w Walkman, Earphone & Pink Comb

Swivels Bear

"Wind me up and I really hula!" - c/w Hula Hoops & Pink Comb

Beary Happy Bear

"Beary Happy Bear loves to have fun, so she's in charge of making sure that the Bitsy Bears are having a great time. When any bear is sad she brings them to the Musical Fair where they buy colourful balloons and eat ice cream all day! This, she says, is the most fun of all. Wind her up and she will eat her ice cream."

There was also one bear who came with a 25 minute animated video called The Adventures of the Bitsy Bears. She came with a pink ice cream and a pair of balloons.

"Wind me up and I really eat my ice cream!"

Back packaging had a photograph of ten of the original bears, all three pair sets and two of the baby sets. Beary Happy Bear herself was not featured.

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Bitsy Bears :: Original Sets