Care Bears & Rainbow Brite

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Look what I found on my way home from work this week! Four little Care Bears plushes and a poseable character from Rainbow Brite (Shy Violet). The bears are from 2004, but the Rainbow Brite figure is an actual 1980’s toy, which I almost never find these days.

Care Bears

These little guys were produced for McDonalds in 2004. In the UK this was the complete set, whereas in Australia Bedtime Bear was also included.

The bears below are (l-r) Wish Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear and Friendship Bear.

You can find out more about the original 1980’s Care Bears here.

Rainbow Brite

This is Shy Violet, one of the Color Kids from the mid-80’s toy line and cartoon Rainbow Brite. Apart from a few marks on her face she is in very good condition. She’s dated 1989.

You can find out more about Rainbow Brite here.