Masters Of The Thunderbox

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I found a good selection of vintage action figures in mid-Feb, including A-Team, Bomberman, Dungeons & Dragons, a Galaxy Warriors shield, Masters Of The Universe, Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket, M.U.S.C.L.E., Star Wars and ThunderCats. I also found vintage Fisher Price, Playmobil figures, Matchbox cars, and Snoopy. Not forgetting Manta Force, Mighty Max, MASK, Butt-Ugly Martians and a couple of Marvel minis!

Modern figures included Action Man, Aladdin, Incredibles, Little Britain, PJ Masks, Playmobil, Skylanders, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunderbirds, Toy Story and Twistheads.

Masters Of The Universe

I found “Battle Cat” a good couple of weeks before finding “Skeletor: Battle Armour” and “Two Bad”. Keeping!


I found Lion-O along with Skeletor and Two Bad (above), and found S-S-Slithe and Tuska the previous week. Also keeping!


I already own B.A. Baracus and Hannibal, but found “Howling Mad” Murdock lurking around the bric-a-brac during mid Feb. Just need to find Face now!

Dungeons & Dragons

“Swamp Thing” is a bit chewed, but still a good find. Not sure on the left figure yet. Keeping.

Star Wars

“Taun Taun” is a bit broken on his right leg, but another great find none the less. Keeping.


I’m keeping the Snoopy items, but will resell the Toot Toot train and matchbox cars.

Vintage Figures

I’ve never heard of Bomberman before, but they are really cool and look older in style than 1990s (when they were made).

Yay! Loads more Monster Wresters In My Pocket! Most of these are the free Frosties figures, but some are main line. There is a complete set of cereal figures (8 + Tony), plus several extra. There are even two Monster Sports Stars In My Pocket too.

I also found a selection of small and tiny figures.


Modern Figures

Bits and Pieces