Naked Bush Dolly Rescue

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February was a good month for dolls! My favourite find (quite literally), was a naked Doctor Who “Sec Hybrid” doll in the bushes along my road! He had been there unclaimed for a couple of weeks, so decided to rescue him from the spiders and give him a new home (and clothes when I find something fitting).

Doll finds include: Action Man, Baby Alive, Barbie, Candylocks, Cupcake Surprise, DesignaFriend, Disney Descendants, Disney Princess, Doc McStuffins, Doctor Who, Enchantimals, Equestria Girls, Frozen, Lalaloopsy, Little Mermaid, Monster High, Monsters Inc, Moxie Girlz, Polly Pocket, Shimmer & Shine, Shopkins, Sindy, Snapstarz, Sofia The First, Sparkle Girlz, Strawberry Shortcake, Teen Beach Movie and Winx Club.

Disney Dolls

I am currently selling this Disney Toddler “Sofia The First” doll with plush Clover.

For the first time, I found a Disney doll complete with crown, dress and shoes! Her hair came up lovely. This one is a My First Toddler “Aurora” doll. She has already sold.

I’m not sure which Disney Animators Toddler doll this is yet.

I found three Frozen dolls, so will be selling them in a bundle with the figures I have collected. I found a crown and almost matching slipper for the blue Elsa, and some “going out” clothing for the other Elsa and Anna dolls.

I found these two Little Mermaid “Ariel” dolls packed together (they have now sold). The left doll has a lovely sparkly tail, whilst the right tail one must have been in the bath a lot! They have already sold.

I found another Doc McStuffins, this time with her stethoscope.

I though at first this doll was in the wrong outfit as it is a very tight fit! However, she is correctly dressed and is Teen Beach Movie “McKenzie: Beach Look”. Her hair easily brushed back into her two large ringlets.

This Belle doll came wearing what I now know is a Barbie dress (from one of the modern dolls below). It fits her better than the Barbie doll, but will need to find something else for her to wear before selling her on.


I found three vintage 80s/90s Barbies and five modern ones. I also found Stacie and a merman!

Snorkel Fun Barbie

Magic of Pegasus “Annika” + Happy Birthday Dress

This Prince Ken Merman doll is missing his midriff sash, fin and boots, but was still a nice find. I shall sell him on with a mermaid Barbie I have.

The three Barbies I found in the same charity shop as the Belle dolls higher up (who is wearing the left dolls dress). They are (l-r):

  • Princess Barbie (2007), wearing Diamond Castle “Melody” (2007) red dress.
  • Possibly and “I Can Be” Barbie of some sort, wearing a Fashionistas fashion-pack dress.
  • Unknown brunette Barbie in unknown dress.
  • Unknown Chelsea doll with bent left arm.


I’ve never taken much notice of the Hasbro Sindy dolls as I was a Pedigree girl growing up, however these two popped up in my local charity shop and decided to take a chance on them for resale. The dolls I found are “Magic Curl Sindy” from 1994 wearing original pink dress and heart earrings, and “Wedding Day Sindy” from 1989 with original dove earrings (wearing a wedding dress I found for her as she was in a gold Disney Belle dress when I bought her). Both still have their original pants too! I’ll be selling them together.

Action Man

I’m in two minds whether to keep the Ninja Kick Action Man, as I love his face and cheesy sound effects!


At the beginning of the month, I found one Bratz doll…

… and by the end I found this huge load! I’ve yet to work out how to bundle them for resale (probably in pairs).

Other Fashion Dolls

I found a small DesignaFriend doll, which I have as yet to ID properly, a Moxie Girlz and a Snapstarz. I also found two Winx Club dolls.

I found these two Winx Club dolls in different charity shops at different times in February, along with two book. I’ve made a bundle with the accessories I have collected since last year for resale.

I can find no reference to this cheap Trendy Girls doll online, but the company who made her (BJ Toys) sold fully stocked pocket money display racks which I suspect this was part of.

Small Dolls & Baby Dolls

I found these three Shimmer and Shine dolls at different time during February. They will be resold together.

Baby Alive “Bouncin Babbles”

eBay Sale: BABY ALIVE: Bouncin Babbles ~ Bouncing Giggling Baby Doll (Hasbro 2010) 

I also found these.


Below is Brave, Bratz, My Scene, Monster High, Barbie, Disney Princess and some unknown items. Some of them will be for resale, others to keep to dress naked dollys!

Below is Sparkle Girlz, Monster High, Cupcake Surprise, Party Popteenies and some unidentified crowns.

I found a super DesignaFriend top and boot, some Barbie pants and plastic bodice, and unknown fluffy pink top and a hand knitted jumper.

I also found lots of Barbie shoes, plus a few Disney Princess looking fabric slippers.


This fabulous three-eyed creature is from Monsters University, called “Carrie Williams”. She’s a keeper!

Others dolls I’m keeping included Monster High, Disney Descendants, Lalaloopsy, Candylocks, Shopkins, Equestria Girls, Enchantimals, Doctor Who and Cupcake Surprise.