Perky’s Shagadelic Ukulele Of Doom

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A step out through Leigh on Saturday afternoon brought forth Hoobs aplenty, plush My Little Ponies, a kittenless Kitty Surprise, a friend of YooHoo, and more Clangers. Plus Austin Powers, Indiana Jones, George Formby, Frankie Howerd & ilk, and Pinky & Perky. I also bought an adapter and two loose plugs. Yeah, baby!

The Hoobs

These four little guys were separated into two bags and almost didn’t spot the second bag. The fifth character (the blue “Hubba Hubba“) wasn’t to be seen. I can’t resist a bit of Henson.

Kitty Surprise

No kittens were with this re-issue Kitty Surprise, but I did find a lonesome puppy a few weeks back so that will have to do! This mummy cat is called “Snow“.


This is the second little plush Clangers “Major” character I have found, but a different style from the other one (which whistled).

YooHoo & Friends

This sweet little plush tiger called “Tumo” reminded me a little of my old plush Wuzzles “Butterbear”. I felt sorry for him as he’s seen better days and had been in the charity shop for several week.

My Little Pony

I rather like the plush pegasi, although prefer them with brushable hair. I found “Rainbow Dash” with an unruly green streak, and “Fluttershy” with a fur mane.


I bought a boxset of the three Austin Powers movies, and Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom.

The price of DVD’s ranges so much in charity shops, not just from shop to shop but also within the same shop. Outside the Salvations Army the DVD’s were 30p each, and inside they were £1.00 each (some were the same film). Indie was in the 30p box, Austin was loitering outside a different shop.


I didn’t feel much like rummaging through the LP boxes, but spotted one at the front of the pile which caught my eye (George Formby cleaning his windows) which lead onto two more.

George Formby “I’m The Ukulele Man” [1966]

Including such classic lyrics as “With my little stick of Blackpool Rock, along the promenade I stroll. In the ballroom I went dancing each night. No wonder every girl that danced with me, stuck to me tight”. 

Side A Side B
  1. Leaning On A Lamp-post
  2. Mother, What Will I Do Now?
  3. Auntie Maggie’s Remedy
  4. Grandad’s Flannelette Nightshirt
  5. In My Little Snapshot Album
  6. With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock
  1. The Window Cleaner
  2. The Window Cleaner (No2)
  3. Mr Wu’s A Window Cleaner Now
  4. Our Sergeant Major
  5. The Lancashire Toreador
  6. I’m The Ukulele Man

Pinky & Perky’s Film Parade [1970]

My favourite is “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”.

Side A Side B
  1. I’m Late, I’m Late For A Very Important Date
  2. Do-Re-Mi
  3. The Ugly Bug Ball
  4. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It
  5. I Wanna Be Like You
  6. Consider Yourself
  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  2. Food Glorious Food
  3. Monte Carlos Or Bust
  4. Winnie The Pooh
  5. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  6. When You Wish Upon A Star

The World of British Comedy [1969]

Side A Side B
  1. Marty Feldman – The Great Bell
  2. Frankie Howerd – Ten Guinea Cruise
  3. Spike Milligan – Cold Porridge
  4. The Goons – Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!
  5. Benny Hill – The Sunday Ben
  6. Spike Milligan – Pontius Kak
  1. Kenneth Williams – Hand Up Your Sticks
  2. Spike Milligan – Holy Smoke
  3. Paddy Roberts – The Ballad Of Bethnal Green
  4. Tony Hancock – The Missing Page
  5. Spike Milligan – The Great Man
  6. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore – Father And Son