Return Of The Frizzy Troll

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I found an interesting selection of plush toys and books recently, including some more Frizzys (which I love), three Raymond Briggs books and a vintage Star Wars sticker album. I’m rather taken by Bear In The Big Blue House, who “cha cha’s”, probably because it’s by Jim Henson.

Plush toys for resale:

More Frizzys for me! Apart from the purple one (Lola), which I already have.


All for me!

Ladybird: Read It Yourself “The Magic Paintbrush“. Looks unread, with a wonderful inner cover illustration.

The Flyaway Kite and Making New Friends by Jane Carruth

The Old Joke Book by Janet and Allen Ahlberg

Father Christmas and Father Christmas Goes On Holiday by Raymond Briggs

I may have these already, in which case I will re-sell at some point.

Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (Sticker Album)

With a smattering of stickers.