Street Fighting With Ernie

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I found a smattering of plush toys when the charity shops opened up again last month, including three vintage Teletubbies, a super soft Snoopy, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Ice Age and Street Fighter. I also found a vintage Where’s Wally? board game. All for resale, with links below.

I found three vintage Teletubbies complete with original tags.

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Snoopy is SO soft! I’ll always buy Care Bears, no matter the generation. If were Grumpy, he’d be mine! I was rather taken with Buck’s face (from Ice Age), so grabbed him too.

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I was rather happy to find Ernie from Sesame Street hiding the the soft toy basket, then I found three more! I also found a couple of plush Street Fighter toys.

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Music, Books & Games

I’ve missed buying cheesy LP’s, and found three splendid additions for my collection. I also found a couple of nice illustrated books (for me) plus one to resell called “What’s New B.C.?by Johnny Hart. I also came across “Where’s Wally? The Game“, complete with large rubber figure.

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