Suzy’s Chocolate Mask

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I had a good spot of luck in the last few days the charity shops were open before lockdown, and was presented with a freshly donated pile of well loved Ladybird and Janet and John books on stepping through the door of my local (the manager knows me too well)!

There were eighteen Ladybird Books in the bundle, plus one more I found the previous week. The covers of the Key Words Reading Scheme books are now iconic, and the illustrations inside are fab.

These Janet and John books have been very well read over the years, but they didn’t cost much and aren’t something I’ve ever come across in a charity shop before. The double is in OK condition, so shall sell that one one. The rest are keepers!

There is a splendid bit of artwork on the inside cover of one on these books.

I only bought COR!! because of the Monster Munch advert on the back. The Shiver and Shake annual is fun.

I found another Gobots book as well as MASK. Both have dubious illustrations!

Two Tales From The Sweet Shop books for my collection.

My first Willo The Wisp book, for my own collection! I’m surprised I’ve never come across any of these before.

What can I say about The Chocolate Rain story book? Childish sense of humour overload!

This is the second Railway Series book I have found this year, which I shall be selling. I’ve never liked them as a child, and still don’t now.