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"Busy little Boo Boo with your glowing lights, stay close to my bedside and guard me through the night."

Boo Boos Care was produced by Hornby in 1985-86 and were a series of little pixie dolls  based on illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell from the 1930's. All toys are very hard to find.

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Original Series Pixies [1985]

"If you should tip toe quietly through the darkness of the night,
You may find some little Boo Boos with a host of little lights.
And if your watch them closely you'll see why they are there,
For they are looking after babies that need tender loving care."

There were nine different 4 inch pixies released in the original series, along with Baby Twinkle (who they cared for), Mops the puppy and the Crib House playset. Each pixie had glow-in-the-dark antenna, wings and shoes, wore all in one suits (removable), and came with an accessories based on the theme of their name. There were three identical versions of Watchful who came with three different insects he could ride. Kindness came with Baby Twinkle, and Joyful came with the Crib House. The five other characters (sold individually) each came with a few small items and leaf shaped stand.

Caring, Helpful and Playful all came with items for Baby Twinkle. Helpful came with a bottle and bib, Caring with nappy and pants, and playful with beads and rattle. They also came with shoes and a staff with a removable lantern, bell or heart. The first series pixies are usually refered to as "boy" pixies, and the second series as "girl" pixies.

Caring Helpful


Thoughtful and Tidy came with the least accessories, being shoes, staff with a removable hanging book or a broom, and a leaf stand each.

Thoughtful Tidy

Tuneful came with a 7 inch vinyl record, leaf stand, shoes and concertina. He wasn't featured on the series two back packaging.

Tuneful Tuneful's Record - B Side

Tuneful's Record [front] Tuneful's Record [back]

Joyful came with the Crib House playset and Kindness came with Baby Twinkles.

Joyful Kindness

There were three identical versions of Watchful who came with three different insects he could ride. None of these sets came with a leaf stand or anything for him to holdl.

[no image]
Watchful with Bumble Bee Watchful Dragonfly Watchful with Grasshopper

Second Series Pixies [1986]

All boy pixies bar Tuneful were featured on the series two back packaging. Instead, a new boy pixie appears to have been added, but I have as yet to find him. He is pictured with the same staff as Kisses.

In 1986, six pixies with long colourful hair were added to the line. They were later sold separately from the Boo Boos Care line and re-named 'Sweethearts', but have as yet to find any packaging.

Each of these pixies came with a removable dress and underpants, shoes, comb, leaf stand and an item they could hold (mostly re-used from the boy pixies accessories). Unlike the original pixies, the long haired pixies glow-in-the-dark antenna were on removable head-bands, rather than part of their heads.

Cuddles Happy

Jolly Kisses

Neatness Sweetness

Their long hair was rooted only on the backs of their heads, with a little fringe held in place by their head-bands. Under this they had the same coloured scalps as the original pixies.

Hair with Antenna Hair without Antenna

Second Series ~ Other Pixies [1986]

There were four special characters with accessories shown on the packaging backs. I've only found the Chef so far, but it may be safe to assume that all four we sold in shops, if only briefly.

[no image] [no image] [no image]
King Queen Tasteful & Accessory Lullaby

For Sale

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Boo Boos Care :: Pixies