Chubbles :: Firefly Friends

"They live on love!"

Chubbles and friends were produced by Animal Fair in 1984-85. They were interactive plush toys, which reacted to either light or sound with flashing eyes, noses or beeps. There was a small set of plastic figures which also lit up.

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Firefly Friends

"They twinkle their tails when you pull their magic cord and glow in the dark when you turn off the lights. Set them on your dresser, or hang them from the bed post and their loving glow will watch over you all night long."

Firefly Friends were produced in 1985 and were small plastic firefly bugs which glowed in the dark, four in total. They were battery operated too and had a little cord which when pulled would set them off twinkling!

Beacon Mumbles Twinks Wishly

Plush Firefly Friends

There was one, possibly two large plush firefly friends produced.

Lugga Hugg was 19 inches high. Its nose lit up, and it made a little chirping sound when its face was covered up. It has the Animal Fair on its label, but I don't know if it was sold as part of the Chubbles line.

Chatter Bugs

Chatter Bugs are not from the Chubbles line, but often mistaken for so worth a mention here. They were produced by Dan-Dee in 1986 and worked in a similar way to Chubbles. They were about 10 inches in length and came in at least two colour-ways.

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Chubbles :: Firefly Friends