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Chipmunks, aka Alvin and the Chipmunks, began life in 1958 on a novelty record by Ross Bagdasarian, which was turned into an animated series in 1961-62. The show was then revived in 1983 and ran until 1989 with 65 episodes.These pages focus on the toys produced by Ideal in 1983-85, as well as a few of the early 1990's toys. There were plush, poseable and miniature figures, as well as outfits, playsets and lots of other merchandise. Various toys are still being produced today to go alongside the modern CGI movie releases, but I've not featured them here.

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There were quite a lot of different figures produced.

  • Play Pals
  • Poseable Play Pals
  • Wind-Ups
  • Miniatures
  • Paint 'n Play

Play Pals

"Chipmunks are more fun!"

There were 18 figures produced, plus one special mail offer Alvin figure which may have been sold in shops later on. They were packaged entitled both Play Pals and Play Figures, and the figures measured about 2 1/2 inches high. They were always photographed in groups of three, although some groups didn't really have a common theme. They were made in 1984.


Left to right:

  • Alvin The Champ
  • Alvin On Stage
  • Alvin With His Microphone
  • Angelic Alvin
  • Urban Chipmunk Alvin
  • Super Alvin


Left to right:

  • Guitar Simon
  • Baseball Simon
  • Simon The Magician
  • Dr. Simon


Left to right:

  • Sticks Theodore
  • Chef Theodore
  • Scuba Theodore
  • Theodore Out For A Spin

Other Figures

The Chipettes, Uncle Harry and Friend Brittany.


There was three slightly different blister packs produced, which all 18 figures came in at one time or another.

Poseable Play Pals

"With real clothes!"

There were ten Poseable Play Pals produced, all dressed in fabric clothing. They were made in 1984.

  • Alvin Up For Action
  • Everyday Simon
  • Theodore Ready To Play

  • Alvin In Concert
  • Simon In Concert
  • Theodore In Concert

The brown nose with red mouth Chipettes were a factory error (both should have been pink), but not too uncommon to find. They were made in 1984.

  • Fair Brittany
  • Sweet Eleanor
  • Gentle Jeanette

Uncle Harry In His Best

There were six new Poseable Play Pals featured on back packaging, but they were never produced.

From left to right:

  • Shape Up Simon
  • Alvin In Training
  • Think Thin Theodore
  • Joyful Jeanette
  • Elegant Eleanor
  • Beautiful Brittany


"Wind them up and they rock 'n roll!"

There were seven Wind-Ups produced which measured about 5 inches high. They were made in 1983-84.

From left to right:

  • Uncle Harry The Biggest Fan
  • Dancin' Eleanor
  • Jeanette On Tambourine
  • Bandstand Brittany
  • Alvin On Harmonica
  • Strummin' Simon
  • Theodore On Drums

[no image]
Alvin On Harmonica Strummin' Simon Theodore On Drums Uncle Harry The Biggest Fan

Bandstand Brittany Dancin' Eleanor Jeanette On Tambourine

Miniature Figures

There were various sets of miniature figures produced in the early 1990's.

These six figures were made in Spain in 1992. They are about 2 1/2 inches high and quite hard to find now.

Brittany & Alvin Simon & Jeanette Eleanor & Theodore

These five figures were made in 1991 for McDonalds.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (in Canada only) produced three solid pvc figures in 1990 and three poseable figures with musical instruments in 1991.

Paint 'n Play Figures

There were seven Paint 'n Play figures produced. They were sold as unpainted plaster figures for you to paint yourself (I assume they came with the paint). They are about 4 1/3 inches high and very hard to find now. They were made in 1983-84.

From left to right:

  • Uncle Harry
  • Eleanor Keeps Time
  • Daydreaming Jeanette
  • Brittany The Dancer
  • Rock 'n Roll Alvin
  • Professor Simon
  • Theodore's First Love

This plaster figure from 1991 came pre-painted. It is the only one I have found like this.

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Chipmunks :: Figures