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Ewoks were produced by Kenner and were bear like creatures featured in the Star Wars film Return of The Jedi. There were poseable figures, playsets and several plush toys. A spin off cartoon series (lasting two seasons), centering the character Wicket, spawned figures of its own as well as accessories, books and playsets. Both the film and TV toys are features here for comparison as they were very different.

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Preschool Playsets

Kenner produced three preschool playsets. Each one came with various accessories and two, three or four little figures (see Figures page for details).

Ewok Family Hut Playset

Ewok Fire Cart Playset

Ewok Woodland Wagon Playset

Film Playsets

There were four playsets for the film version of the Ewoks figures.

Combat Glider & Assult Catapult Ewok Village Battle Wagon

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Ewoks :: Playsets