Hooks :: Plush

"They hug and cling to almost anything... especially you!"

Hooks were produced by Mattel in 1987-1988. They were plush animals with long, curly arms, legs, ears etc which could hook around things and came in three sizes.

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"Meet Trunk the elephant, leader of the Hooks and his three lovable friends. They love to hug and be hugged! Their favourite place to hang is around a child's shoulders or arms. Kanga Ruth kangaroo has her own special pouch, while Ditto Bird parrot comes in bright colours. Deer Me reindeer has colourful hook antlers."

There were four large Hooks, measuring 12 to 14 inches high and each came with a sixteen page storybook. There was also at least one colour variation produced too.

Deer Me [Reindeer] Trunk [Elephant]

Kanga Ruth [Kangaroo] Ditto Bird [Parrot]

Colour Variations

Pet Hooks

"Three wild animal favourites with a new twist! Dixie Bear, Melodee Monkey and LeRoy Lion plush pets have hook arms, legs, ears - even hook tails! They're cling-happy friends who love to hang on you! Hook them on your arm and carry them everywhere... they're portable pets. Or hook them on your bedpost to decorate your room! About 8" tall in bright colours and a soft, furry feel."

There were actually four medium sized Pet Hooks, measuring about 8 to 10 inches high or long. The elephant can be seen in the publicity shot above but wasn't mentioned for some reason. If anyone knows its correct name please contact me!

Dixie Bear LeRoy Lion

Melodee Monkey Elephant

Lil' Hooks

They're furry, they're fun! They're clingy and swingy! Six colourful animals small enough to go everywhere. Hook them to your wrist for a bracelet. Or hook them together for a fun necklace! Hook them on your backpack and take them along. Wherever you are, that's where they want to be."

There were six small Lil' Hooks, measuring about 5 1/2 inches high.

There also appear to have been at least two colour variations produced, with slightly different coloured hooks.

Big Cheese [Mouse] Chicky Baby [Bird] Chugga Bug [Bug]

Curly Squirly [Squirrel] Lollie Hop [Rabbit] Sneaky Snail [Snail]

Big Cheese mouse wants to be boss
Except in crowds he tends to get lost!

Chicky Baby was hatched from an egg
And loves to hand from big Hooks legs!

Chugga Bug crawling on rugs
Unless you're willing to give her a hug!

Curly Squirly hangs from your waist
So she can be seen and never missed!

Lollie Hopp is a clingy Hooks rabbit
Show her your belt and she will grab it!

Sneaky Sanil thinks he's real fast
But in every race he finished last!

Colour Variations

There also appear to have been at least two colour variations produced, with slightly different coloured hooks.

Big Cheese Chugga Bug

Unproduced Hooks?

There were four more Hooks due for later release, but were pulled from normal circulation for some reason. However, some must have made it into the shops as the loose toys are not the only looks images I have come across.

Foofie Fox Loony Racoony

Purrlie Kitty Rona Aroma

Foofie Fox is fancy and frilly
And sometimes acts a little bit silly!

Loony Racoony is a goofy raccoon
If he could he's hand from the tip of the moon!

Purrlie Kitty is as cute as a wink
Her soft cat cheeks always blush pink!

Rona Aroma is a beautiful skunk
She hands around with a Hooks names Trunk!

These are images of the loose toys I have found, confirming that some at least did make it to retail. Purrlie Kitty is the only one I haven't found loose.

[no image]
Foofie Fox Loony Racoony Purrlie Kitty Rona Aroma

This insert was included within the Hooks leaflet.


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