"Soft animal friends with a real watch inside!"

Watchimal were produced by Hasbro in 1985/86. They were furry wristbands with animal heads, which when opened up revealed a digital watch. Alongside Watchimal came Wearimal, pairs of furry animals which could be clipped onto various things.

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Watchimals [1st Set ~ 1985]

"Just open his mouth and he'll show you the time! They're all soft animal friends with a real watch inside!"

The first series of Watchimals were released in 1985 and included 6 characters.

Bear Butterfly Elephant Mouse Peacock Toucan

1st Set Packaging

Watchimals [2nd Set ~ 1986]

The second series of Watchimals were released in 1986 and included 6 new characters. The 6 originals were also re-released making 12 in total.

Dog Dragonfly Goldfish Moose Snail Unicorn

2nd Set Packaging

Non US Watchimals

There were a few Watchimals sold in countries other than America which either had colour variations or were new characters.

These are UK variations or new characters I have so far found:

  • Butterfly [colour variation]
  • Ladybird [new character]
UK ~ Butterfly UK ~ Ladybird

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