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"Mix 'em, match 'em, roll 'em , change 'em, pose 'em, bounce 'em. They're a ball to be around!"

Nerfuls were produced by Parker Brothers in USA, Kenner in the UK and Cromy in Argentina from 1985-87. They consisted of 3-pieces - hat/hair, ball-face and plastic body. All the parts were interchangeable and the ball-face itself could bounce.

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"Round Town Action Playsets: Round out the fun with one of all three Nerfuls Round Town Action Playsets! Put them together in all sorts of ways and create a world of well rounded activity! All three Nerfuls Action Playsets work together to keep the fun growing!"

There were three playsets produced, which could all be linked together. However, I'm unsure if the Round Town Rescue Squad was ever released. All the playsets seem to have been made from the same moulds, but made in different colours with different stickers.

  • Round Town Rescue Squad -

Caravan / Round Town Camper

"It's the Nerfuls characters' home-away-from-home -- on wheels! Nerfuls figures keep active with the Campers' Rocking Rowboat, Action Slide, Trap Door and much more! Includes "Campy" figure."

UK Packaging USA Packaging

Village / Round Town Villiage 

"The Nerfuls are right at home with their Round Town Village! There's the Nerfuls Round House, Pet Store & Police Station. With the Nerfuls Spinning Cafe, Round Trip Elevator - plus Action Slides, Round Windows, and more - there's always a fun reason for Nerfuls figures to go to town! Includes "Ned the Neighbour". "

UK Packaging

USA Packaging

Round Town Rescue Squad

!Nerfuls roll to the rescue with their very own Fire Station and Rescue Squad! There's a Nerfuls figure Action Launcher, Safety Net, Wagon, Fire Extinguisher, Action Slide and much more!!

Small Nerfuls Playsets

There were two small playsets made for the Nerfuls, the Bopper and the Spinner. Each one came with a Nerfuls ball-face.

  • Bopper - "Any Nerfuls figure fits. Just pop 'em in & bop 'em out! It sends Nerfuls figures sailing and spinning across any flat surface."
  • Spinner - "Take any Nerfuls figure out for a spin! Just pop one in, give it a pull and the Nerfuls figure spins on its nose."
Bopper Spinner

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