Nerfuls :: Unproduced

"Mix 'em, match 'em, roll 'em , change 'em, pose 'em, bounce 'em. They're a ball to be around!"

Nerfuls were produced by Parker Brothers in USA, Kenner in the UK and Cromy in Argentina from 1985-87. They consisted of 3-pieces - hat/hair, ball-face and plastic body. All the parts were interchangeable and the ball-face itself could bounce.

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There were plans for a second series of four, 3-peice Nerfuls but unfortunately they never made it any further than a trade show. Honey Bear was the only Nerful from this series to make it into small production, being released as an exclusive Mail Order offer in the UK. They would have been sold in similar packaging to the Argantinian blister card.

Honey Bear Karate Chip Princess Deb Tina Too-Too

There were also plans for a second series of of four Nerfuls On Wheels which again never made it any further than trade show production.

Baby with Buggy Captain Kook with Bath Tub Goggles with Skiis Road Hog with Pork Chopper

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Nerfuls :: Unproduced