Shimmers :: Unproduced

"The Legend from the Shimmering Forest. In a secret land of fantasy live beautiful creatures, wild and free. Their delicate bodies glisten like pearl...part woodland animal, part beautiful girl. To most of us they can barely be seen at dusk and at dawn, and not in between. But to those lucky few who wish they could be like a horse in a meadow or a mermaid at sea, this secret land is always in sight, and beautiful Shimmers will always shine bright."

Shimmers were produced by Kenner in 1986. Each set included a mother, baby, comb and one accessory. They came in five species; birds, butterflies, centaurs, deers and mermaids and had shimmery bodies and brushable hair. There were plans to release more Shimmers and two playsets in 1987 but they were never produced.

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Unproduced Dolls

"These delightful friends share a most special quality - both the look of a sweet little girl and the graceful body of a woodland animal.   Now the Shimmers fantasy continues as zebras and seahorses join the Shimmers world, along with a new deer, horse, mermaid, bird and butterfly. All 15 figures come with dazzling pearlized colourful bodies and are about 41/2 inches tall. Each one had beautiful long-rooted hair, perfect for combining and styling. Each wears a removable fashion, adding more play and charm to the fantasy. The four-legged Shimmers are articulated at the waist, and all the heads can be turned. Each Shimmers figure comes with an adorable baby Shimmers. All pairs come with a matching pearlized comb. Enchanting Shimmers will continue to bring fantasy to life for little girls everywhere."

Six of the original ten Shimmers with babies were due for re-release in 1987 along with nine new Shimmers but it never happened. There were images of the new Shimmers in the 1987 Kenner Toy Catalogue, so were made as the prototypes, but I don't think they ever went as far as test marketing.

Seahorses Mermaids
Coral & Baby Shelly Seawave & Baby Foamy Seafin & Baby Finlet

Zebras Centaurs Deer
Swirl & Baby Swizzle Zebrina & Baby Zebrette Sunset & Baby Dusky Glade & Baby Speckle

Birds Butterflies
Skye & Baby Downy Sundown & Baby Luffy

The original Shimmers set for re-release were:
  • Plume & Baby Featherfluff [birds]
  • Wind Belle & Baby Whispy [butterflies]
  • Clover & Baby Dapples [centaurs]
  • Meadow & Baby Fauna [deer]
  • Deerlene & Baby Doette [deer]
  • Marina & Baby Flutter [mermaids]

Unproduced Playsets

There were two unproduced playsets; Wonderfall Playset & Shimmers Family Set. There were images of the new Shimmers Playsets in the 1987 Kenner Toy Catalogue, so were made as prototypes, but I don't think they ever went as far as test marketing.

Wonderfall Playset

"The Wonderfall Playset created the perfect play environment for the Shimmers collection. This tropical paradise is filled with fun features which will allow little girls to expand and recreate the fantasy of Shimmers."

  • Transparent pearlized waterfall covers a secluded cave!
  • Secret slide for all baby Shimmers!
  • Diving board and wading pool!
  • Steps large enough to pose any figures
  • Romatic "grotto"!
  • Two fanciful palm trees, one with a swing!
  • Large bush is really a baby cradle and picnic table!

"And there's even more fun with all the following accessories!"

  • 2 dishes
  • 2 drinking glasses
  • 2 beach towles
  • toy boat
  • toy shovel
  • beach pail
  • lotion bottle
  • life preserver
  • sunglasses
  • visor
  • label sheet

"In addition to all the fun accessories in the playset, an exclusive Shimmers baby named Sparkler is included."

Shimmers Family Set

"They're here! Mist and Swiftburst horse Shimmers with their baby, Flicker, who fits in her own cart! The Shimmers Family Set includes all three dolls, a pearlized comb as well as the harnessed cart, which attaches to any adult Shimmers for pull along fun. Swiftburst, the only boy doll in the Shimmers line, has arms posed to hold Mist's hands or waist. Mist comes complete with long-rooted hair for comb-able fun and removable fashion. Both parent dolls stand about 41/2 inches tall, are articulated at the waist and their heads can be turned. Now Shimmers Family Set adds fanciful fun and romance to the Shimmers fantasy world."

The characters were called "Mist, Swiftburst & Baby Flicker".

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Shimmers :: Unproduced