Magic Diaper :: Babies

"Dip your magic baby in ice water: If the diaper turns pink, it's a girl! If the diaper turns blue, it's a boy!"

Magic Diaper Babies and Magic Diaper Pets were produced by Galoob around 1991. They sets of small plastic babies or various animals with water activated colour-change nappies. There were also five playsets produced.

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"Are these adorable little babies boys or girls? A quick dip in cold water turns their diapers pink or blue then back again in a few minutes. Little girls will want to collect them all!"

There were 24 Babies to collect.

Baby Pals

"Now, the adorable dolls with the colour changing diapers come in pairs! They're the Magic Diaper Baby Pals and they're made to be played with together! Little girls can enjoy a baby with an animal friend or two babies playing together in this unique set of two dolls."

There were 12 Baby Pals to collect.

Angel Babies

"Look who just flew down from a cloud! It's the Magic Diaper Angel Babies, and they're simply heavenly! All 12 styles have tiny wings and a halo and come with diapers that turn pink for girls and blue for boys."

There were 12 Angel Babies to collect.

Babies 'Round The World

"They come from every corner of the globe! Babies 'Round The World represent 15 different countries with a special style and charm all of their own. All have magic colour changing diapers and all show of the cutest, most unique features of their lands."

There were 15 Babies 'Round THe World to collect.


"Mystical, magical creatures of the deep! Charming fantasy Merbabies dolls with silvery tails and fins that turn pink for girls and blue for boys! 12 delightful styles to choose from. Little girls will want them all!"

There were 12 Merbabies to collect.

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Magic Diaper Babies