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"Dip your magic baby in ice water: If the diaper turns pink, it's a girl! If the diaper turns blue, it's a boy!"

Magic Diaper Babies and Magic Diaper Pets were produced by Galoob around 1991. They sets of small plastic babies or various animals with water activated colour-change nappies. There were also five playsets produced.

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Bubble Island 

"This tropical fantasy island for MDB Merbabies really floats in water! Squeeze the friendly fish and the Bubble-Cano makes lots and lots of fun bubbles. The cool water lagoon turns the Merbabies' tails pink or blue. Comes with one Magic Diaper Merbaby and a bottle of bubble liquid."

Dream Boat

"Ship ahoy! Climb aboard the fabulous MDB Dream Boat for a fun filled cruise with all your Magic Diaper Babies and friends! The Dream Board really floats, and when you squeeze the special swimming whale, the smokestack really squirts water! Comes with one Magic Diaper Baby."

Tub & Shower Set

"Soak in the tub and splash in the shower! Cold water in shower turns Magic Diaper Babies' diapers pink or blue... warm water in hot tub turns them back to white! Push button shower really works! Comes with two Magic Diaper Babies."

Waterslide Set

"It's so much fun for little girls to give their Magic Diaper Babies a ride down this whirling swirling waterslide! Watch their diapers turn pink or blue in the cold arctic pool, then watch them turn back to white in the warm, tropical splash! Comes with two Magic Diaper Babies."

Carry Case

"This Carry Case doubles as a cute little cottage for the Magic Diaper Babies to play in! It's decorated with pretty scenes of the babies and pets at home and has a handle for easy carrying. great for travel - holds approximately 12 babies or pets!"

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